Building a k3s cluster with Raspberry Pi 4s

I’ve been interested in learning Kubernetes for a while now. However, my biggest issue has been getting a reliable and realistic cluster built.

Oxidizing my Workflow: Writing a Wayland window manager in Rust - Part 1: Setting Up

In this series, we will be creating a usable window manager for Wayland in Rust.

Fearless Multi-threading & Parallelism with Rust

Multi-threading, Concurrency, and Parallelism are hard and can be scary. With problems like data-races and worrying about thread safety, it can be easy to stay away from them altogether.

Vim Tips and Tricks No. 1

Welcome back my fellow Vim enthusiasts! Today we will be discussing a few shortcuts you can add to your .

Configuring Vim for Java Development

Welcome back, my fellow Vimmers. Today I will show you how to convert (Neo)Vim into a Java IDE.

GE2 2017

This weekend Seattle was home the second annual edition of GE2.